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Remouchamps caves

The longest underground navigation in the world.
It's no use describing the Cave anymore.

It was open to the public in 1912 and equipped with fairy lightings in 1924. It's visited in two parts:

- The first part is visited on foot and leads the visitors to the Cathedral room via a first room inhabited 8000 years ago by the Palaeolithic hunters and the ancient siphons of the Rubicon river in a colourful and lively environment. Le décor est féerique, coloré et vivant, tout au long du trajet jusqu'à la grande salle de la Cathédrale. The alleys are easy to walk in, clean and non-slipping. With a guide you'll profit of a wonderful spectacle with a detailed explanation for each natural wonder.

After the greatest view of the Cathedral ...

- La deuxième partie de la visite se fait en barque. the second part of the visit will start by boat. You'll float on the meanders of the 600 metres long river and discover in a mysterious silence new beauties such as the famous palm tree coming from the river and spreading wonderfully under the vault. The visitor is brought back to the starting point.


Monde Sauvage Safari Parc
Fange de Deigné 3 - 4920 AYWAILLE
Telephone: 04 360 90 70
Fax......: 04 360 91 08

| Information
- Open from carnival holidays to November 15th from 9 to 18. The other months from 9.30 to 17.
- Visit of 1 hour 15;
- [+] You can combine this visit with that of Safari Park.

- Starting from Liège you have access to the Cave by the E25 motorway (direction Bastogne-Luxembourg) exit 46 Aywaille-Remouchamps. At the traffic lights, turn left and follow the main street during 1 km, the cave is on the left after the bridge on the Amblève river at the beginning of Louveigné street in Remouchamps.

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