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C'est Ville-au-Bois blottie au sein des chênes verts
Où chaque bruit se tait si loin de l'univers

Lambert Radoux

Ville au Bois, highest point of Aywaille city (510), situated Eastwards is 7 kms far from the centre. However to reach it by the road you have to travel during 17 kms. This high plateau has a hard climate. Rains are heavy. The snow is early and often lasts long.

Ville au Bois is a (unexploited) reserve of drinking water. The limit with the city of Theux and the village of La Reid is partly formed by a firebreak that is 7,337, 5 m long.

This one goes along the antique Roman Way which has become the "Vecquée" (way taken by the bishop to go from Liège to Stavelot).

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