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C'est Sedoz la limpide au fil du Ninglinspo
Que Diane illumine au frais dans ses appeaux.

Lambert Radoux

The name of this hamlet of about twenty houses isn't very well-known and is rather supplanted by that of Ninglinspo, one of the most meandering and turbulent stream flowing in the valleys of Aywaille.
The Ninglinspo comes from the Fagnes high plateaux (alt.510 m) to flow into the Amblève at 140 m and can be considered as one of the most outstanding streams in High Belgium.
Its wild beauty together with a great variety of this site where surprising rocks are scattered and where you'll discover all kinds of natural curiosities on a slightly uneven way (± 3 kms) makes of Ninglinspo one of the greatest touristic assets of Aywaille.

"Bain de la Loutre", "Bain des Naïades","Bouillon de la Chaudière", "Bain d'Hermes", "Bain du Cerf","Bain de Diane","Bain de Vénus", ...
these are small waterfalls along this valley making up a place nicknamed : "Vallon des Chaudières" (Cauldron valley).

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