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C'est Martinrive altière au bord de la rivière
Qui déroule à sa rive un versant de lumière.

Lambert Radoux

It's situated downstream of Raborive (old furnaces, old forges) at 3 kms from Aywaille ; this attractive village has a chapel consecrated to the Cœur Immaculé de Marie (Immaculate Conception) with very beautiful works such as the altar, benches and a marble paving.

Its castle from the 18th century is surrounded by a beautiful park planted with trees.


In the 18th century it was the centre of the forges run by the Amblève waters and of the ovens to refine iron. This place has become a centre of sawmills and workshops of marble polishing.

The Mohinette, traces of the past but well-restored is a little house situated opposite the marble working ; it became in 1797, 12 Thermidor de la République française, the refuge of two mysterious outlawed according to the legend of Marcellin la Garde "Le proscrit de la Mohinette" (The Mohinette's outlawed). It tells us about the cruel fate because their bodies were found nearly buried in a small cave.

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