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C'est Harzé la jolie au fil de ses virages
Qui gerbe la culture en prisme de mirage

C'est pavillonchamps et ses versants de clarté
Oů le bonheur s'égaille en reflets d'aparté

C'est Fy la solitaire ŕ l'abri de ses chęnes
Qui sourit toute seule en silence et sans gęne

C'est Priestet la sainte assise au mamelon
Qui domine partout les ombres des vallons

Lambert RADOUX

4 km south of Aywaille, Harzé (former municipality) groups its houses on the slopes of the valley through which the Wayai stream winds like a snake.

The 17th century castle and its surrounding park border the Ličge-Bastogne highway and are announced by two towers. The Tourist Federation of the Province of Liege has owned the castle since 1973.
It houses the Water Mill and Milling Museum and hosts such events as the National Cheese Fair. Its steps, gatehouse, balcony, as well as the imposing square donjon capture the admiration of visitors.
The façade in the main courtyard is one of best remaining examples of the Mosan Renaissance style, with semi-circular arcades on Tuscany columns and with triple-casement windows.

The Chapel Saint Anne of Pouhons, built in 1524, lies just a few kilometers south of Harzé.
It is situated at the outer boundary of a clearing that is the site in November of each year of the feast of St. Hubert and which allows for barbecues to be organized at any time.

Pironbeuf farm, already cited in 1325, and Paradise farm, dating from the 17th century, are imposing structures filled with history.

In the hills of Havelange, the craftsman's park gathers successful businesses.

The ties between Harzé and its twin cities Chezy-sur-Marne and Ulsenheim in Bavaria are proof of the European spirit that is alive and well in the municipality of Aywaille.

Ernonheid is a small farming village which has succeeded in preserving the flavor of the Ardennes.

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