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C'est Deigné la voisine au bord de la grand-route
Qui baigne dans son val en silence et sans doute

Lambert Radoux

Deigné, is a rural village whose mostly 18th century stone (sandstone and limestone) houses, surrounding the church and the town square with its fountain, are remarkably homogeneous.

Honored in 1975 by the Commission for Architectural Patrimony by the Council of Europe, Deigné also holds the title of "village fleuri" (floral village).
Deigné is particularly deserving of this title during the last weekend of July, when festivities gather craftsmen, folkloric groups, fraternal orders, and musicians.

asbl Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie:
(Walks from Deigné's place.)

Just a stone's throw from the village, the Monde Sauvage Safari Park invites you to discover by car, by train, or on foot, a multitude of animals who roam freely in the immense stretches of forest and fields.

A mini-zoo, a playground, and a 3-D cinema will delight the children. A cafeteria and restaurant immediately adjacent to an exotic bird exhibit allows you to dine in original surroundings.

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Au départ de la Place de Deigné

Panneau d'information près de la fontaine

AY 24 Deigné " the most beautiful village of Wallonie ":
3,2 km - 1h30 - green lozenge.

You start from the square, near the church, between its door and the fountain under the two lime trees (conservation area since 1944).
Go straight ahead along the beautiful façade of an antique shop.
On the left you'll see the church hall a little damaged with the southern façade partly genuine (project : construction of a touristic hall on the place of this building).
On the right a few picturesque houses and a cross under an old lime tree.
A bit further, after the house nr 24, turn right and follow the arrow "Menhirs".
You'll soon discover the dry valley from an interesting angle. Indeed, the Rubicon flows under the deepest part of the valley.

After the board "Deigné" you arrive at a crossing with a calvary. You can go straight away during 50 m to the crossing with the "Monde Sauvage" (Wild World) road.
At that crossroad, turn left and stop immediately after to discover, behind two houses on your left a Gallo-Roman fortress (an oppidum) , dating from the second half of the second and the fourth century, in an hexagonal form now recovered with full grown trees.

In that place, several Gallo-Roman graves were discovered in 1903. The pottery fragments found out in 1905 are exhibited at the "Musée d'Art et d'Histoire du cinquantenaire" in Bruxelles (Art and History museum of the fiftieth anniversary of the Independence Day).
There, take the first path on your left, cross the small stream of the "Fontaine aux Fawes" walking round the Gallo-Roman site.
Go straight ahead towards the road that leads to the menhir.

Turn right going once more round the site and notice on the left a great part of the dry valley, the village… and the silos of the big farms. At the highest point of the road, at the end of a grove of Scots pines, turn left. A narrow crossing makes you go down in the grove ; the path is dotted with pudding stones.

You arrive then near a picnic table, a barbecue area and the menhir called "de Deigné".
This menhir is made of pudding stone, a kind of natural concrete, mixed with sand, pebbles and fragments of rocks which have undergone strong pressures on a prehistoric beach.
"Deigné" menhir didn't get any scientific explanation.
Walk along the menhir on the left. A bit further, take a country pathgoing down the village before winding between woods and meadows.
When you arrive nearly at the bottom go on the left of the forest road.
At the crossing of a macadamized path, go straight on along a hedge of copses with strange forms. So you reach the first, very recently built houses of Deigné.
Near a calvary, take the tranversal path on the left to reach the limestone stretch.

You can discover the village from another angle ; houses in lifestome are numerous ; you can admire them and mostly the wonderful house nr 55 which is a listed building.
Go behind the church and find back the fountain under the magnificent lime trees. It is said that Napoleon's horse drank in it. Who knows?
Behind this fountain, on the left you'll see the doctor's house ; go round it to arrive in front of number 100, in the "Deigné fleuri" premise, ring the bell at the garage door and ask for the famous "potée deignétoise" (stew).
For a democratic price you'll be served by Marguerite a stew with leeks.

In the organisation of the best organised walks in Wallonie ",
Deigné fleuri" proposes a two hours guided walk (from 10 to 12) on the third Sunday each month.
Information and registration. téléphone: 04 360 82 21.

Deigné is considered as the most beautiful village of Wallonie and "flowered village" ; it's standing back from Remouchamps-Louveigné road and is a rural and peaceful village.
The limestone houses are gathered round the church. It was awarded in 1975 by the "Commission du Patrimoine Architectural du conceil de l'Europe" (The Architectural patrimony Commission of the European Council) and considered as the most beautiful village of Belgium.
In the last weekend of July "Deigné fleuri" (Deigné in bloom) organises festivities together with all kinds of craftmen, confraternities and country groups.
A flower market is also organised in the course of May. The village shows then a large range of multicoloured flowers.
Tarteries, taverns, picnic and barbecue areas welcome the tourists, the walkers and peace-lovers.

Le "Monde sauvage Safari Parc" (Wild World Safari Park)
Most of the animals of Safari-Park live in wide woody areas.
They can be seen in complete liberty. There can be a contact between the human being and the harmless animal.
One of the particularities of this park is the possibility of the visitor to travel by car, on foot or even in little train.
A playing area, a mini-farm, a 3 dimension cinema and a cafeteria-restaurant make it possible to have a very good day in the park.
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